Friday, June 30, 2017

Site News: July, 2017

Every summer, like clockwork, my internet seems to go out when the first set of high winds stop by.

Hopefully, it'll be back Monday. Until then, I'm limited by what I can do with my phone. And what I can do is a monthly update.

At least, I can type this using my phone's note program until my cell phone service decides to work.

This'll be the last regular monthly update, since all I usually do is say "Business as usual" before some unforeseen complication changes my plans.

To combat this, I'll regularly be taking time off every month to give myself a bit of a safety net for things like this. I'll be taking my first break the week after the Fourth. The week OF the Fourth, however, I'll be covering a patriotic film, as per usual.

See you then!

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